Deaf Moldovan youth engaged in an activity at the Deaf Moldova 10-day camp supported by the Woodall Foundation

Deaf Moldova Summer Camp

The Woodall Foundation supports a 10-day summer camp for Deaf youth in Moldova.

Looking forward to camp in summer of 2016

Crafts for Our Cause

In addition to donations, we also sell crafts on Etsy. 100% of proceeds are donated to The Woodall Foundation. All items are handmade by Daniel and Becky Woodall. You can find beautiful decor for your home, all custom made.

The Woodall Foundation

Daniel and Becky Woodall are the founders of the Woodall Foundation, and are the camp directors for a Deaf summer camp in Moldova, in eastern Europe. There, they have been doing mission work with Deaf people of all ages.

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We sell hand-crafted items that all go to benefit our mission work


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The Woodall Foundation

A little bit about ourselves


Our mission is to reach the nations, to love the least of these!

The Woodall Foundation is a nonprofit organization in both the United States and Moldova (a country in eastern Europe).

Daniel and Becky Woodall are directors for a Deaf summer camp they founded in Moldova and oversee all functions of the organization. Our mission is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ, as well as encourage and empower the Deaf in Moldova to make better lives for themselves through Jesus, love and education.

The Deaf camp is only one way the Woodall Foundation reaches the Deaf community. We have expanded to the elderly and needy. Since summer 2015, the Woodall Foundation has increased its Outreach ministry, serving Deaf families and elderly in need.

Through camp, leaders in the Deaf community have been trained up and continue to serve those in need when the Americans return home after camp each year.

Moldova Deaf Camp

Every year, The Woodall Foundation supports a 10-day summer camp for Deaf youth in Moldova.

Moldova Deaf Camp 2018!








Moldova Deaf Camp this year will be July 19-28, 2018!

The Moldova Deaf Camp is a 10-Day summer camp held for the the Deaf youth of Moldova. This Camp is organized by The Woodall Foundation, and is a non-profit mission. All funds collected by The Woodall Foundation for the Moldova Deaf Camp are used to make sure that no child has to pay for any expenses, including travel to the camp and home. The cost is $120 per person for 10 days.

Each day at camp is filled with fun-packed activities. This includes but is not limited to outdoor athletic games, crafting, zip line, swimming, more relaxed indoor games and most importantly a time to study the Word!

Each year, a group of Americans spend 9 months planning activities, travel logistics, and collecting items to bring to Moldova for camp. All the items used in activities are brought from America. With help of the Moldovan leaders, these rotations make for an enjoyable 10-days!

Moldovan leaders are the heart and soul of the camp! Their ability to effectively communicate with the youth, their dedication, and love for Jesus, makes the camp a resounding success year after year. In the weeks leading up to camp the Moldovan leaders meet to prepare. Their main responsibilities include the Bible teachings and evening worship services.

We depend heavily on a family of Russian speaking interpreters who work diligently to make sure that all communication is effective between parents of the youth, the camp owner and any other hearing person we need to interact with. We are blessed to have them as a part of our team!

If you are interested in becoming a part of the team who travels to Moldova, please get in touch with us!

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Map of Moldova's location
Deaf Moldovan children participating in the Moldova Deaf Camp

Deaf Outreach

The Woodall Foundation is reaching the Deaf of Moldova, from age 1 to 100!

In 2015, God called Daniel and Becky to reach beyond the Deaf youth at camp. Being faithful to that calling, they have found plenty of needs, and God has been faithful to meet them!

Since 2015, the Woodall Foundation has been proving a weeks worth of groceries, once a month, to five families. Monthly “tea socials” are held in parts of the country where access to the Gospel is limited. Two whole apartments have been refurbished, toilets have been replaced, mattress have been provided for bed-ridden elderly, bunk beds for a family with children, multiple apartments have been cleaned, exterminated of roaches, and de-cluttered.

The Foundation also serve the young, taking snacks to the Deaf pre-school in the capital, providing activity books, diapers, and age appropriate toys, and just playing with and loving on them.

If you would like to support any of these ministries, please consider donating!



Deaf Moldovan children participating in the Moldova Deaf Camp
Map of Moldova's location

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Crafts for our Cause

We make handcrafted decorative items and sell them on Etsy. Proceeds go to benefit the Deaf Moldova Mission.



Bible By Hand – Etsy Store

by Becky Woodall

Handmade canvas art. Put your favorite verse, lyric or poem on a canvas, with your choice of colors and size. Perfect gift for weddings, new babies or birthdays! Proceeds go to benefit the Deaf youth of Moldova.


WoodByWoody – Etsy Store

by Daniel Woodall

“Reclaiming the lost”. Daniel uses reclaimed wood to create beautiful furniture pieces and wooden wall decor. Your choice of state, country and style! Proceeds benefit the Deaf youth of Moldova.

Every amount, big or small, goes an extremely long way in aiding our efforts. Thank you in advance for your kind donation.


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The Woodall Foundation Blog

Read about our experiences with the Moldova Deaf Camp


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